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Strategic Partnerships
The strength of collaborative business.

Blue Diamond Web Services’ partnerships are voluntary collaborative agreements between Blue Diamond Web Services and trusted businesses that have demonstrated competency in their core business function. Blue Diamond Web Services and our partners agree to work together to achieve a common purpose or undertake a specific task and to share risks, responsibilities, resources, competencies and benefits.

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We believe that everyone should be able to register a low cost domain name. At Blue Diamond Web Services, you know you will never pay too much and that we will always offer the lowest prices possible. Operating since 1994, Blue Diamond Web Services has always been amongst the cheapest registrars on the internet. We also aim to be a one-stop-shop for anyone who needs a home on the internet. We offer a large array of domain extensions to register, with full transparency on registration pricing and renewal costs. Furthermore, we offer a wide suite of complementary products to get your website up and running fast and affordable. To include hosting, email, security, ecommerce, and Excellent support combined with complete products and low prices is our mission.